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Who we areForget what you know about wood

We’re forging an integrated supply chain to create value and sustain long-term growth.

Timber can transform buildings and cities, capture millions of tonnes of carbon, and make a lasting positive impact on our planet.

But unlocking its full potential requires a fully integrated supply chain. So, we’ve brought together a group of businesses, with a team of experts, spanning every stage of the process.

As the UK’s largest forestry and timber group, and member of Binderholz – Europe’s leading timber processing operation – we’re using our scale, flexibility and capabilities to help reshape our industry and make change happen now – providing more stability and choice, and investing in innovation and education.

In short, we’re committed to being the UK’s most innovative, technologically advanced and sustainable timber business.

What defines usSuccess is circular

Our Evergreen model.

...from capability
Finding, growing and managing healthy, sustainable forests
Harvesting, sourcing, making and adding value to timber products
Delivering timber products and services

Advancing the knowledge and skills of the people in our world


Finding and implementing more effective and efficient ways to work

Growth and value creation

We don't think in straight lines.

Our supply chain isn’t a chain. It’s an interconnected, sustainable circle.

Our innovative Evergreen model unites our capabilities to keep us moving forwards.

Our principlesWork as experts, move as one

We’re not a conveyor belt, we’re a seamless whole.

We share and collaborate to cultivate connections, break barriers and eliminate inefficiencies. We champion greater diversity and inclusivity.

As a business, and a sector, we grow together.

Our principlesUse everything, waste nothing

Sustainability isn’t grafted onto our business, it’s an integral part of it. After all, timber is the ultimate renewable material.

Our integrated capabilities ensure we have a partner, and a market, for every part of the log. We grow-to-size, harvest to order and replant to replenish.

This approach extends to our culture – we don’t waste precious time or talent.

Our principlesTake small actions for a mighty impact

A small change in one area can lead to a big difference in another.

That’s why we cultivate every detail – across planting, managing, harvesting and trading – for micro gains that add up to a macro impact. Today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

The tiniest tweak to a seedling can transform the timber used to support a house.

Our principlesForge our own future

They say the best way to predict the future is to invent it.

So we challenge conventions to bring new ideas to a traditional industry. Thinking ahead to the skills, products and solutions of tomorrow.

We rethink, redesign and revolutionise.

Discover our companies

Founded in 1848, BSW Timber is the UK's largest sawmilling company.

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Sustainable forest management and landscaping, representing 25% of all UK-managed forestry.

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The UK’s foremost growers of coniferous and broadleaf trees, growing millions each year.

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The UK’s go-to experts in difficult harvesting, operating harvesters and forwarders.

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Woodsure-accredited manufacturer of renewable wood fuel products, for domestic and trade markets.

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Manufacturer and distributor of timber products for home improvement and builders’ merchants.

The UKs market timber manufacturer, and key supplier into the caravan, leisure home and garden sectors.

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The UK’s largest manufacturer of Extruded Wood Polymer Composites (WPC).

Connecting ESG-driven companies and landowners, to nurture new woodland and restore peatland.

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UK manufacturer of innovative composite decking, blending wood flour and recycled materials.

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Creators and makers of a revolutionary new heat-enhanced coloured timber for cladding and decking.

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Our commitmentMaking change happen now

As our sector’s largest integrated business, with capabilities including seeding, forestry management, harvesting, and production, we have a responsibility to help drive positive change.

By growing markets, increasing efficiency and resilience, and elevating our craft, we can help secure the future of our industry and our planet. We have a shared will to create value and achieve sustainable growth.

To commit to this change, and help people think bigger, broader and more holistically, we invest heavily in education and innovation.

EvolveEducation for growth

We use our scale and capabilities to enhance people’s knowledge and skills.

This enables them to understand the bigger picture - to carefully and respectfully consider, choose and work with wood and woodland.

We want to create a productive dialogue between commercial interests and natural capital needs, and help everyone truly appreciate timber.

Programmes and actions:

Our people

  • Offering industry-leading management training.
  • Creating the world’s first saw doctoring course.
  • Developing the Tilhill diploma in forestry.
  • Launching a sawmill apprentice scheme.
  • Winning RoSPA awards for Health and Safety.
  • Pioneering provision for mental wellness.

Our clients

  • Educating branch staff on timber through introductory courses.

Our communities

  • Championing a STEM school ambassador programme.
  • Developing our Forest Education Initiative.
  • Supporting Social Bite.
  • Providing a ‘Working with Trees and Timber’ toolkit for schools.

Our sector

  • Donating timber to architects.
  • Amplifying awareness campaigns – Wood For Good and Grown in Britain – to promote the use of home-grown timber.
  • Supporting the conifer breeding co-op.

InnovationOverarching innovation culture

Creativity is in the connections. With our ethos of continuous improvement, we collaborate to develop game-changing products and processes that create new value.

Our business is made up of experts from across the supply chain.

Canopy is our innovation vehicle, connecting people from inside and outside our business to solve challenges, and find new ways of doing things that add value and strengthen supply chain resilience.

Programmes and actions:

  • Improving tree quality

    A multimillion-pound investment in genetic research to develop taller, stronger, more resistant trees, with greater carbon absorption.

  • Reducing plastics

    Pioneering programmes trialling new alternatives to plastics, as well as reuse, from seedling bags to tree guards.

  • Building sustainable alternative logistics networks

    Collaborating with third parties to develop new methods of national transport, to reduce trucks in highland villages, the potential for accidents, and carbon emissions.

  • Enhancing biodiversity and habitat creation

    Our work between Maelor and Tilhill finding the optimal environments that promote biodiversity and pest reduction.

  • Driving value and engagement in new planting

    Launching CarbonStore, an online marketplace connecting businesses looking to offset carbon and help the environment with growers who have carbon credits.

  • Improving efficiency

    Investing millions in automated tree planting to grow more predictable trees without waste.

  • 3D laser scanning forests

    Harnessing new technology to measure trees more accurately and cost-effectively before harvesting.

  • Load building to branches

    Consolidating multiple types of timber on one truck, to reduce journeys to branches.

Together we can build
sustainable worlds.

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