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BSW Group has launched four new websites as it aims to drive further innovation within the timber sector.

With forestry and timber businesses increasingly reliant on digital assets, and making services accessible to a wider audience, BSW has backed a number of its businesses, with BSW Timber, Bayram Timber, IRO Timber and Wood Fuel Direct all benefitting from revamped digital spaces.

James Brennan, Head of Marketing at BSW Group, said: “We’ve only just introduced the BSW Group brand, but the next step was to rebrand and reinvigorate each of the subsidiaries too.

“Although each subsidiary has a distinct product and service offering, and different audiences, we wanted to ensure that they are all seen in the best light, and as members of a wider forestry group.

“These new websites nod to the fact the businesses are connected, but without taking away any of their identities individually, which is important. We want the consistency but with some character.”

Digital technology is helping to innovate many traditional processes in the timber supply chain, whether it be genetic research at tree nurseries, planting and harvesting woodlands, or in the sawmill itself, with new platforms enabling bigger data analysis. But it is vital that this innovation is also seen outside of those internal environments.

The new BSW Timber and Bayram Timber websites place more emphasis on the market-leading manufacturing capabilities of each business, as well as breadth of products they supply.

The IRO Timber website now more closely aligns with the product range itself, using imagery and case studies to promote the creative use of timber and its long-lasting benefits to the environment.

Wood Fuel Direct, which sells industry-leading heat logs that are manufactured from co-products, has also been completely redesigned with usability in mind, offering the user a much smoother, more modern experience.

Terry Allen, General Manager at Bayram Timber, said: “Being part of BSW gives us the knowledge and resource to increase our already-high standards, helping to drive positive change across the Group.

“I’m proud of the team at Bayram, the work we’re doing on the shop floor and across supporting functions, so it can only be a good thing if we’re able to let people see some of that through our new website.”