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The largest integrated forestry business in the UK, BSW Group was central to finalising an agreement for Selco Builders Warehouse to buy 8,000 woodland-generated carbon credits.

BSW Timber customer Selco committed to offsetting the emissions of their home deliveries. This arrangement championed many of the environmentally supportive services across the timber supply chain which BSW’s group companies provide.

BSW Group members Maelor Forest Nurseries, Tilhill and CarbonStore came together to supply the young trees – mainly consisting of Sitka spruce – and professionally plant the woodland. The transaction was completed on behalf of one of Tilhill’s forestry-owning clients.

8,000 Pending Issuance Units were generated from a 44-hectare site near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders which was planted in April this year.

Tilhill forest managers Andrew Fisher and Ben Schofield were responsible for designing the woodland, securing grant funding, arranging the planting contractors and supervising the establishment process.

By late April the trees were in the ground and the project was ready to undergo a carbon-related audit by the Woodland Carbon Code, arranged by David McCulloch and Alex MacKinnon from CarbonStore.

CarbonStore is Tilhill’s carbon-offsetting division which guides landowners through the necessary steps to successfully generate carbon units from newly planted woodlands.

CarbonStore also unites woodland owners looking to sell their carbon credits with companies who want to offset their residual carbon emissions after they have made as many changes as possible to their practices and working methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Woodland Carbon Code’s audit required CarbonStore to complete a 32-page document supported by evidential documents such as site maps, environmental surveys, woodland carbon calculator and long-term forest management plans.

Selco Builders Warehouse, an important buyer of BSW Timber’s sawn timber, had been analysing their carbon footprint and were considering ways to offset their unavoidable transport-related carbon emissions which they calculated were 4,000 tonnes/year.

CarbonStore’s woodland-based offsetting service was exactly what Selco needed to enable them to move forward with their carbon-offsetting initiatives.

The woodland is easily accessible for Selco employees visiting the site, while a large sign helps promote Selco’s environmental efforts.

Finally, Selco arranged a photographer to capture the planting work in action – further supporting their promotional efforts.

By offsetting emissions through the growth of productive woodlands, whose timber it eventually sells through its stores, Selco is creating an interesting circularity to its offsetting efforts – whereby its carbon mitigation strategy also provides the source of its future raw materials. This is an important consideration for all companies operating in the timber supply chain.

CarbonStore helped steer the woodland owner and Selco through the final stages to agree on a fair price, access and signage rights to the property and payment terms.

These were codified in a legal contract signed by both parties which outlined their respective commitments and responsibilities.

“This was a highly significant moment for woodland owners and companies seeking to capitalise on the opportunities provided by the Woodland Carbon Code,” said David McCulloch, head of CarbonStore.

“Through this transaction, we have proven our ability to secure a fair, transparent price for woodland carbon credits that encourage landowners to plant trees and companies to mitigate their emissions.”

This transaction also showcases the best of BSW Group’s environmental credentials. Every company in the BSW Group is working towards either growing, producing, or delivering the most sustainable building product available whilst simultaneously encouraging all types of landowners to grow the trees necessary to help absorb the UK’s carbon emissions and combat climate change.